Eat responsibly. Save the 🌍.

Food production is responsible for 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

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You have the power. decide how much CO2 gets produced by the food industry. Choose your food responsibly, save the planet. Foodprint is here to help. Analyse your food consumption habits and identify ways to reduce your CO2 emissions.

Foodprint knows 3 things.

Unpackaged food photos

Take a photo of any food your eye spies. Remember to take a photo before you eat it.


The camera doubles as a barcode scanner so you can scan the packet of Oreos you had last night.


Recognise the CO2 impact of recipes before you decide to cook them.

Join us on the mission.

Built by Alba García Rey, Ben Butterworth, Daniel Hausner, Laura Caune, Sandrine Chausson, Sander Coates, for the environment.

Supervised by Dr Anandha Gopalan @ Imperial College London

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